Personalized Genomics

The Human Genome Project sequenced DNA pooled from a range of individuals, to create a ‘reference’ genome (the complete set of genes of an individual). However, every ‘genome” is unique, and it is now becoming more practical and affordable for individuals to choose to get their genomes sequenced. This is called personal genomics. At Healthy Connections Hood River, we have the tools to translate your personal DNA into specific health recommendations. This, we believe, is the future of health care and it is here now.

If you have used one of the DNA tests available widely to the public, such as 23&Me or, we use a HIPPA-compliant program that can take your DNA and give specific recommendations for your well being based on your genetic variations totally unique to you!

For example, we are able to see if you have one of the genetic “SNPs” (single nucleotide polymorphisms, or “snips” on your gene that create a variation) called “MTHFR” – if you have this particular SNP, your body does not methylate well. Why does this matter? Without healthy, “normal” methylation pathways, you are at increased risk for high homocysteine levels and for Vit B12 deficiency – which can be associated with conditions such as thyroid problems and mood and energy disorders. If the SNP is identified, it is a simple fix with a methylated B vitamin! An easy example of how “knowledge is power” in this kind of personalized medicine.

We are excited to share these powerful insights into your unique health puzzle with you!

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