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Become A Client

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The team at Healthy Connections strives to provide the community with the most effective and advanced treatment modalities available. Our team is there for you and will do whatever we can to improve your health and provide a path for continued wellness moving forward. We have learned over time that our clients do better when both you and we assess if we are the best fit for each other, and if now is the right time to seek care with us.

At your initial Discovery Consultation call, you’ll speak with one of our providers who will hear your questions and concerns, and explore how Healthy Connections may be able to improve your health. If we both decide that “YES” – this is a good fit, and “NOW” is the time to dive into a Functional Lifestyle approach to healing, we will set up your first visit. This first intake appointment is 60 minutes in length. Feel free to bring a partner or family member with you if this is valuable for your success and lifestyle change. You will leave that initial appointment with a path and some clear next-steps to feel better SOON.

Friendly Reminder: Dr. Horacek is currently not accepting new patients. Heather Bates, FNP-C, is actively taking on new patients. 

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Testimonials From Clients

“I appreciate Dr. Horacek’s holistic approach to health and wellness. “

I appreciate Dr. Horacek’s holistic approach to health and wellness. He takes the time to listen and thoroughly evaluate any health concerns I may have. He also brings a balanced perspective to conversations I have with other specialist providers and helps me make decisions about any aspect of my health. He is kind, committed to excellent care and staying on top of the latest medical information, and truly cares about his patients as whole people. J.E.S.

“Heather and Dr Jeff are a Powerful Team! “

My serendipitous discovery of functional medicine, and specifically Dr Jeff and Heather, was a life changer. I had been suffering with hives for a couple of years, with no hope in sight. They are a powerful team – their patience, wealth of knowledge, and unique approach put me on a supported self-healing path that has not only ‘cured’ my hives, but has me leading a healthier lifestyle that I’m confident will slow the course of my underlying auto-immune conditions. Before joining Healthy Connections I had never even heard of ‘leaky gut’ – I’m now a zealous believer in the power of food to heal. – MBR